Mythological creatures are a fascinating topic, and one that is often not well understood. This website will delve into the origins of myths, their history as stories, and how they have evolved over time to become what they are today. We'll also talk about some lesser-known mythical creatures with an emphasis on those from around the world! The first thing we need to understand about mythological creatures is what makes them so inherently interesting in our modern society. Unlike other fantasy beasts like dragons or unicorns which exist only in books or fairytales, most people believe there's more truth behind their existence than fiction.

Mythical beings such as Bigfoot might be real for all we know - it's just that science can't prove anything. But mythological beasts are more than just Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. We'll explore all creatures, from Phoenix to Zombies and everything in between!

We're going to cover all types of mythical beings on this blog - those you might have even heard of before (like a dragon) as well as some less-known ones like Yeti's.

We hope we can help clear up any confusion between what is real and what's not with these awesome creatures.

The reason this website was created was to give you honest answers to your questions and to stop all the nonsense that's out their on the web. We 'll also explore whether these beings are real or not concerning a lot of myths and legends. The website is for people who want to learn about mythical creatures, with the goal of clarifying any confusion that might exist between reality and fantasy.

We'll talk truthfully about both types in hopes you can enjoy them for what they really are: fun stories!

We hope you can get the most out of this website and find it helpful in your search for information.

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