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    No matter what your age, there's a good chance you're fascinated by mythical creatures.

    Whether it's dragons, unicorns, or mermaids, these fantastical creatures have been capturing our imaginations for centuries.

    If you're looking for some great books to read about your favorite mythical creatures, look no further! Here are some of the best books about mythical creatures out there.

    Top 10 Books About Mythical Creatures

    #1 Mythical Creatures and Magical Beasts

    Step into a world of mystical creatures and magical beasts!

    This illustrated book takes you on a journey through time, exploring the different monsters that have been imagined by cultures around the world.

    From harpies to dragons, you'll learn about creatures both strange and familiar.

    Plus, with stunning artwork accompanying each entry, this is a perfect coffee table addition for any mythology lover!

    #2 Dragons & Mythical Creatures: An Image Archive for Artists and Designers

    Enter a world of legendary creatures and epic battles with Dragons & Mythical Creatures: An Image Archive for Artists and Designers from Vault Editions.

    This deluxe book is crammed with gorgeous engravings and etchings from the 19th, 18th, and 17th centuries.

    You'll find scenes of gods and warriors battling dragons, centaurs at war, fantastical creatures galore, as well as designs adorned with griffins and other mythological beasts.

    Whether you're looking to add some fearsome flair to your artwork or simply admire the beauty of these ancient images, this book is sure to please!

    #3 The Mythical Creatures Bible: The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings

    Whether you're looking to learn more about werewolves or unicorns, this is the perfect place to start.

    With full-color illustrations of every mythical creature imaginable, The Mythical Creatures Bible is your one-stop guide to legendary beings from around the world.

    This is the definitive guide to legendary creatures, from fabulous animals to specters from the shadow world to nature spirits and sacred beings.

    With stunning illustrations, it's perfect for anyone who wants to explore the myths and legends of these marvelous creatures.

    #4 The Compendium of Magical Beasts

    Finally, a book that brings the magical creatures of our childhoods to life!

    The Compendium of Magical Beasts is the perfect illustrated guide for anyone looking to learn more about unicorns, dragons, griffins, and all manner of fantastical beasts.

    Jam-packed with information on each creature's biology, mythology, and cultural significance, this volume is an essential addition to any bookshelf.

    So if you're looking to learn more about the myths and legends that have captivated people for centuries, look no further than The Compendium of Magical Beasts.

    #5 Monsterology: The Complete Book of Monstrous Beasts

    Do you believe in monsters? Of course, you do! In this awe-inspiring book, Dr. Drake brings you face to face with some of the world's most legendary creatures.

    With rich illustrations and fascinating information, Monsterology is sure to capture your imagination and leave you longing for more.

    With Monsterology, you can venture into the hidden corners of our planet where mythical beasts still roam.

    From the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the mountains, this comprehensive guide profiles incredible creatures like krakens and griffins.

    So what are you waiting for? Open the pages and unleash the monster within!

    #6 Mythical Beasts: An Artist's Field Guide to Designing Fantasy Creatures

    Step into a fantastical world of creatures both feared and beloved.

    Mythical Beasts: An Artist's Field Guide to Designing Fantasy Creatures showcases thirty talented artists who will show you how to sketch, draw, and render thirty mythical creatures.

    Learn about the history of each creature as well as how to create its main elements for an authentic depiction.

    From the werewolf to the unicorn, this guide has everything you need to bring your favorite fantasy beasts to life!

    #7 Mythical Creatures of Maine: Fantastic Beasts from Legend and Folklore

    Step into a world of magic and mystery with the creatures of Maine folklore! This comprehensive guide explores the fantastic beasts from legend and folktale, from the Abenaki to the European settlers.

    Delve deep into their stories and learn about their origins, powers, and what role they play in the mythology of our state.

    With beautiful illustrations throughout, this is an essential book for anyone interested in these legendary creatures!

    #8 The Atlas of Monsters: Mythical Creatures from Around the World

    The Atlas of Monsters is a must-have for any monster enthusiast!

    This beautifully illustrated catalog features mythical creatures from all over the world, from the fearsome dragon to the elusive Yeti.

    Each creature comes with its own fascinating description, and there's even a code that needs decoding to uncover the mystery of the monster atlas!

    #9 Monsters and Mythical Creatures from around the World

    There’s something for everyone in this comprehensive book of mythical creatures from around the world!

    Whether you’re interested in learning about ancient folklore or contemporary urban legends, this is the perfect source of information and entertainment.

    Featuring striking illustrations and absorbing stories, Monsters and Mythical Creatures from around the World is sure to captivate anyone with a taste for the supernatural.

    #10 Classical Mythology A to Z: An Encyclopedia of Gods & Goddesses, Heroes & Heroines, Nymphs, Spirits, Monsters, and Places

    Delight in the mighty myths of old with Classical Mythology A-to-Z.

    From Zeus to Orpheus, this comprehensive encyclopedia explores all the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines of Greek and Roman mythology.

    Annette Giesecke, Ph.D., brings her expertise to bear in delivering clear explanations of every character and locale, capturing the essence of these timeless tales along the way.

    Whether you're a student looking for a deeper understanding of classics or simply want to familiarize yourself with some of history's most enduring stories, Classical Mythology A-to-Z is an indispensable guide.


    Finding great fantasy and mythical creature books is hard because it's such a time commitment. We hope that our list of the best mythical creatures books has helped you in your search.

    But don't forget, if you have a favorite book from this list or any other not listed let us know and we will add it!


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